traveling guest spots/ conventions


this year I will be starting the year off with a bang Motor City Tattoo Convention !

as this as a invite only convention each year I feel honoured , cannot wait to catch up with all my friends there !

TBA ! next convention 2017







we  are almost ready to open the new shop  The Dark needle .. on the Gold Coast Coolangatta .

I will be tattooing there from time to time , to book fill out a booking sheet and let me know exactly which shop

we also have a Facebook account we will be launching – The Dark Needle

and Instagram The Dark Needle as well .

I will soon be letting everyone know what conventions I will be doing for the rest of the year .. as always its best to book and leave a deposit , especially if its a really cool project …

this year has been amazing and I am very lucky to have picked up a few more sponsors , we have some exciting things happening … and we will let everyone know  as it all happens … I’m also working on a few art projects this year ,  cant wait to show everyone  when its all finished for all my latest stuff check Facebook or Instagram .

cheers T



We are starting to look at which conventions to attend we know for sure

that Terence will be at Motor City ..

and is almost booked .. out .

SOON ! will be announcing next guest spot / convention

– 2016




upcoming events ************** 2015

Terence is next off to HAWAII PACIFIC INK

Dates August

7th – 9 th August

Pacific Ink art and Expo Hawaii

he is taking bookings now  !


Terence will be joining black cat as well for a guest spot 2nd – 6th  to inquire fill out a booking sheet !!!


image image

I will be tattooing May 29th -31st Amsterdam eternal ink booth

i am taking bookings now ! Fill out a booking sheet and I’ll get back to soon


Rites of Passage accepting bookings now

location Melbourne !!!!



2015 highlights

we kick off the year with the biggest and the best

MOTORCITY !!! crazzzy fun great times with good people , friends and extended family bob

this pic represents some of the best people we know and call family huge thankyou to Gina and Tramp and the team Eternal ink !

Terence also did a guest spot at Livonia at the original Eternal Ink .. and a visit to meet the behind the scene crew as well it was amazing something we wont forget !

I will be uploading some pics from the convention shortly x J



featured article Terence Tait in alternative arts and artists



featured in local paper cairns post – ( for Motor City ) 2015


Terence Tait meeting Ryan Scarpino  talking Canada , tattoos and life !

pictured with Megan Massacre and  Teniele Napoli

meg 10

10 year tattoos to mark 10 years in the industry .. tattoo by Big Meas! on Terence Tait .

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