Terence Tait

based in Australia, Cairns


Terence is originally from Canada , Hamilton Ontario… tattooing for a period of 14  years  doing Different styles …. Terence started a traditional apprenticeship , in Hamilton , from there went to managing and owning … and then moving to Australia .. with his family he is super great full to do what he does everyday if you are in  Hamilton Ontario ,  stop in and see him he is only to happy to chat with customers .. and get a tattoo from him he loves tattooing many different styles …. and travels around Australia and mainly America .. and will soon be expanding his traveling .. he is sponsored by Eternal ink , welker Rotaries , Deathless cords  , Rinse  Cup Clean up ,Stencil Stuff and Redemption Tattoo after Care

also Using .. Spirt Transfer Paper ., True Tubes .

Terence  feels very blessed to belong to such an amazing and supportive community and family .. when Terence isn’t tattooing he is usually working on projects , painting with his daughter or drawing …

if you would like to book with him please fill out a booking form and we will get back to you as soon as we can ..

for any sponsorship,  magazine , media inquiries , conventions , press   – please directly to the other email inkurbod@hotmail.com attention Jade or Terence






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Tattoo artist Terence Tait

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