Terence Tait   Originally from HamiltonOntario,

Terence started tattooing 15 years ago , in a small shop in Hamilton Ontario , alongside Jade his wife , who is from Australia, Terence and Jade , moved to Australia and opened Cairns Ink Ur Bod in 2012 , which is still open now the location moved to 42 Grafton Street , in 2017  we have solid Tattoo Artists there talented and great with clients .. in sunny Cairns ..

Terence and Jade moved back to Hamilton in 2017 , opening  The Dark Needle at 139 Kenilworth avenue north Hamilton , we don’t do normal very well and have always been out of the box creative types of people ..

Now on the Eve of our celebration of 8 Years having our shop , we now will be opening

Ink Ur Bod Tattoo Company Canada .. which is located next to Endzone .. 1291 Main Street

where Terence   will be tattooing soon , this completes our 3rd and final shop ..

Endzone has always held a special place in our hearts and was once our local hang out ,

we feel very blessed to have been able to do this in short time in truth a lot of hard work has had to be done , a lot of people we’d like to thank who have helped us in many different ways ..

Terence as  a Tattoo Artist has sponsors such as  Eternal ink , Stencil Stuff , Redemption Aftercare , Deathless Cords , Rinse cup clean up

we are very thankful for the memories and the moments we have had with them and look forward to a bright future with them

Terence. has won various tattoo awards been in some of the most famous and prestigious tattoo magazines , goes to some of the best conventions in the industry.

He works hard , doesn’t have a style as such we have labeled it to universal … which sums all styles up which he has basically done most of , he isn’t afraid to do a cover up , works with his clients to achieve what they want in ink ..

when he isn’t tattooing you will find him mentoring and meeting with other artists he is a believer in the old ways of giving back to the craft .and giving back in general .. Terence believes in adding value to the Tattoo industry .. although he won’t tell you he has contributed  … I will ..

besides mentoring he loves Art and learning from others and talking to other Artists our new shop is a Hub of creativity .. constantly evolving we open the doors to other Artists stopping by and saying Hi !

As well as guest spots we can’t wait to introduce you all to some of our favourite people and Artists.

should you stop by we look forward to meeting you !





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